Ever since I was little, I always loved to read. To this day, I see reading as an opportunity to become someone else. To escape my life and enter someone else’s for a brief moment. This past summer I read 8 books … and I have to say it was the most reading I have ever done over a summer. BUT then again the only reason why I read so many books was because a long relationship I was in abruptly ended and it was either 1. be depressed the whole summer and decay on my bed or 2. to do something and reading seemed to be the answer! .. but that’s besides the point. The books that I read were: Lucky Child, Go ask Alice, The other Boleyn girl, The Boleyn Inheritance, Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn (I love books by Stephanie Meyer if you haven’t noticed!) I made sure I didn’t read any books about love, romance, blah blah. I stuck to books that were about the Cambodian Genocide, a girl addicted to drugs, King Henry and his 5 wives (I think. I know he killed two of them..) and the twilight series had a tint of love, but mostly it was about vampires and YEAH … werewolves. The books were pretty diverse as far as topics and genres. Anyways! Continuing with my experience. So I love to read! I used to be scared of writing because during my freshman year in high school, I was always crying because my teachers were really tough graders, but through all of the crying and complaining that “I can’t write!” “this sucks”, I sucked it up and by my senior year I was placed in AP English, so basically all the hard work somewhat paid off. Being accepted to the AP course was a huge success for me and will be something that I will be proud of until’ I’m an old woman in a nursing home.


One Response to “Experience.”

  1. diane Says:

    jessica–for some reason i haven’t read any of the stephenie meyer books and i read a ton. i’ll have to give one a try. reading helps improve writing, so hopefully you’ll keep up the practice. and yes! they are a great way to lose yourself and forget your daily troubles. looking forward to reading more from you…

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