oh college.

College has been stressing me out. I have to have C+ to stay in the nursing program and I’m just afraid that’s not going to happen because class averages in both chemistry and biology have been in the 60’s. I just wish school wasn’t so damn hard, but “life is hard” right? I hate the biology and chemistry because it’s just so vague to me and I’d rather just get right into WHAT I need to do when a patient is dying and WHAT I need to do in a hospital setting. I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be talking about Mendel’s cross pollination with plants to a patient or Hydrogen is a nonmetal that is located on the metal side of the periodic table … ugh. Those classes put me to sleep. I don’t want to be in them, but I’m gonna have to retake these courses if I don’t get that stupid C+ and I’ve been busting my bum to do well. I’ve been meeting with the teachers and I even got myself a tutor. I need to join something that helps me relax. I would join the yoga here but I refuse to pay 75 bucks to do the crouching warrior stance. I’m a member at the YMCA so I need to just find the closest YMCA. I heard there is one near northeastern? I don’t know.

Alot has been going on in my life.

I think I’m gonna start this new topic in a new entry because I feel like I’m behind with the entries. toodles for now.

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