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back from break

December 1, 2008

So I’m back in the dorm from my thanksgiving break. I miss being home. I just want to get these final exams over with and then head back home with no stress and no work. I want to travel somewhere and just get away from this chaotic city for a little while.

I actually thought about transferring to a different school. But what school would I go to? I don’t want to be in Rhode Island and if I go to another boston school, its just gonna be even more expensive .. so I feel stuck. Its just not fun here. My science teachers put me to sleep. The sciences are not interesting at all. My mom keeps reminding me that these subjects are going to be boring, but once I get force myself through it, the courses will be interesting.

I hope so.

The girls here can be fun. I need a boys touch on my life. I need a boys personality in my life because I’m constantly around girls and it gets a little catty. This is why almost every single weekend .. I go out to BU or Northeastern and converse with guys. I need to be around people who JUST DONT CARE.

Hmm what else is new in my life? My room mate and I basically hate each other. Well I don’t like her because she is just really immature and the first fight we had, I told her straight off that I thought she was immature and that I basically have little respect for her because .. she just only cares about herself. Whenever there are problems she cant be an adult about it and come talk to me about whats bothering her. I told her if there is something about me thats bothering her .. to just tell me and we’ll work it out. but no. shes not a “confrontational person” and yet she feels the need to attack me when it comes to text messaging. She already admits to fucking me over and i told her that I dont wanna live with someone or have a friend who “fucks me over” i mean .. who does? She ditches me. We plan to go out somewhere to get away from the simmons campus to relax and the day OF .. she tells me she doesnt wanna go. simply put, don’t make plans with me if you dont wanna do them. And then her and her little boyfriend decided to be “immature” and call me names for absolutely no reason on facebook thinking i didnt see it and i confronted her about it. so if they wanna call me names .. then they can call me names NOW because her boyfriend is no longer allowed in the room when im here and .. I’m always here. too bad. She’s just a mean person and the first fight we had .. I was okay with walking in the room and not acknowledging her presence, but my mom told me to just get along so .. I tried. Although, it was her wrong doing and her fault for causing tension between us, i was the one to approach her to be like “this is lame.”

I’m over it.

Hmm what else? I saw Twilight twice. It was such an awkward movie, but because it was so awkward .. i had to see it and laugh at it .. twice.

And thats it for now.